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“We CARE” 🙄
“We’ll Get through this together” 🤦

Remember the Covid 19 pandemic? In March 2020 every brand was making a sad commercial about how much they care and saying “we’ll get through this together. But spending money to make a commercial telling everyone “we care” felt really wrong.  

So we took our entire advertising budget and started hiring real small businesses to keep working. This is what they made:


Case Study 

Built by Hyatt Stengle - Handywoman, Austin, TX

Built by Brianne Solomon - Black Diamond Tattoo, Venice Beach, CA


Built by Chris Burns - Self-Employed Contractor, Levittown, PA

Built by David Mess - Buttercream Bakery, Wayzata, MN

Built by Mark Linen - Brotha Bakes Bakery, Houston, TX

Built by Ruel Brown - Mural Artist, Salt Lake City, UT

Built by Christine Lee - Self-employed Circus Performer, Bay Area, CA

Built by Ava Apple - Symbolic Dance, San Francisco, CA

Built by Brittany & Eric Jiminez - Inked Up Graphics, Redding, CA

Built by Lisa Hladish - Paper Daisies Stationery, Atlanta, GA

Built by Soo Kyung Hur - Dry Cleaners, Tracy Valley, CA

Built by Tim Hardin - Self-employed carpenter, Hutto, TX

Built by Tina Topolian - Self-employed yoga instructor, Ann Arbor, MI

Built by Aqiyl Romano - Welder, Lanham, MD

Built by Wesley Williams - Restaurant Owner / Firefighter, Dallas, TX

Cole Webley
Line Producer:
Adam Litt
Jai Shukla