In a year that felt like it was all about our differences, Spotify tuned into our users’ listening habits to remind us...we’re all a little bit weird.
A massive global out-of-home campaign with 164 individual data stories for hyper-localized billboards.

The campaign generated 1.2 billion earned impressions and during the campaign, Spotify subscription growth easily broke all company records.

Random Gifts for Specific Fans
Director, Jimmy Marble

There are over 100 million music fans on Spotify, but it takes a special fan to be a superfan. This holiday season, we decided they deserved a little something extra. We identified the top streamers of some of the top artists on Spotify, and partnered with the artists to create exclusive and unforgettable gifts. There were Sianta Hat for Sia Fans, Trapping Paper for trap music fans, Kornaments for Korn fans, and more.

Each gift was accompanied by its own mini-campaign including film, GIFs and social, and as word about the gifts spread across the Internet, the FOMO did as well. The videos were viewed over 10 million times, and the campaign generated nearly 200 million earned media impressions – positioning Spotify as the leading streaming platform for both artists and fans.